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The Mindrise Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

In this episode, Bailey interviews Nadia Munla, an embody and intimacy coach, and the founder and creator of Embody By Nadia. Nadia and Bailey dive deep into the importance of connecting and listening to your body and how to find balance and regulate yourself (she gives great tools to do it!) in an ever changing world.



We live in an ever changing world at the constant edge of anxiety. When we go through tough moments, feelings or experiences, if you don’t have the right training or tools, something deep in your nervous system has us going into this default pattern of disconnecting with your body and not allowing you to feel what your body is really telling you.  


You need to learn to listen to our body. You need to sit with all the layers of pain and discomfort to actually clear it and find balance between the opposing energies within you; the Masculine and Feminine energy; the “do” vs the “feel”. In this episode, Bailey and Nadia talk about finding balance between these energies and how to regulate yourself to feel empowered and cope with the different curve balls that life throws at you. 


If the world; your job; or something is making you feel anxious, unbalanced, or “out of your body”, then this episode is for you. Nadia gives great, simple and actionable tools that will help you ground yourself, reconnect with your body and find balance that will make you feel good with your body.

Complete show notes, resources and more here!